Replacing a Durastall shower in an afternoon

So this normally wouldn’t fall into the “travel” section of the blog, but during the road trip we stopped at Tavis’s folks summer cottage in Eagles Mere, PA. It all started last year… or maybe two years ago… when we were up at the cottage for a few weeks and had just finished remodeling our […]

Bike ride to the Sweet Shop in Eagles Mere

Although the mornings were a little chilly, the afternoons warmed up enough to take a bike ride down to the Sweet Shop. It is the perfect little soda fountain preserved in time. We got some ice-cream, I was originally feeding Aiden so I could snag a few bites myself  but then I was shoveling it […]

Road Trip Day 3, Blue Ridge Parkway

If you want to catch up on our Road Trip, you can do so here (Day 1 flying to the upper 48, Day 1 retake, Day 2 part 1 Biltmore Estate, Day 2 part 2 Campfire Lodgings) It would be the understatement of the year to just say that I took a lot of pictures […]

Road Trip Day 2, part 2 Campfire Lodgings

First of all I am going to apologize for the lack of updates… I made the classic mistake of thinking that I was going to have plenty of time to blog while on vacation… FAIL!! I had tons of free time but it was all spent sitting on a beautiful front porch, sipping something (coffee […]

Road Trip Day 2 part 1

If you are just joining us check out Day 1 here. We ended up with so many pictures from day 2 and I couldn’t narrow it down so I decided to break it up into to posts. The first one will be on the Biltmore Estate and the second one will be at the campground […]

Day 1 on the road… Retake

I decided that since the first week of our trip was a lot of maintenance, packing and getting ready for the road, I am going to start our day count over. That way I can erase all the craziness of the first week and a half. So this post is about the day before we […]

Days 1-3 of our 6 week road trip

So… we have been planning this trip for a while and have most everything lined up.  Although we didn’t put too much pressure on it being perfect, we were not expecting the “humor” that we experienced the first few days… The first leg of the trip went fairly smooth. The flight was great, for the […]

Weekend in Ponce, Isla Caja de Muertos

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So the last few weeks were a little rough, there has been a lot on our plate and we have some big/life changing decisions to make in the imminent future. The stress was building, the walls were closing in and we needed space. So what do we do? We drove […]

The mommy diet

  Today, I have been a victim of the mommy diet…. Don’t be fooled by the name, even though I have been deprived, by no means have I lost a pound or a single inch. The day starts off with good intentions; I sit down with a cup of deliciously rich, strong, black coffee and […]

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