Kielbasa Tortellini Dinner on the Griddle

This is an easy Summer week night dinner that can be prepped the day before or morning of and be tossed on the griddle for a quick dinner. We cook our on a flat griddle like a Blackstone.

10 Reasons to gift the Instant Pot this year.

Confession: I’m a pot head. Last year, my parents bought several Instant Pot’s and gifted one to each of us in the immediate family for Christmas. I was kind of dumb-founded. I do not stay on top of cooking gadget trends and didn’t really know what the Instant Pot was. I still have my stove-top “jiggler” pressure cookers, […]

Leek & Carrot Chicken Tortellini Soup

This recipe is simple stovetop soup that doesn’t have to simmer for hours, and is another great recipe for using up rotisserie chicken! Here’s what you’ll need: 2 large leeks (Pale parts only) 2 stalks of celery 3 peeled carrots 4 cups of cooked chicken, shredded 14oz bag of cheese tortellini 2 tablespoons of olive […]

Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes

Oh, mashed potatoes. I don’t think I have to tell anyone how good mashed potatoes are. They are kind of the perfect side dish. But in my house, it doesn’t matter if I’m cooking for 3 or 30 – there are always leftovers! And, let’s face it, mashed potatoes reheated are never the same. I hope these […]

Instant Pot Slow Cooker Mushroom Pork Sandwiches – (With Total Newbie Steps)

So if you don’t have an Instant Pot, you are truly missing out. Seriously. I like less work – so I love slow cooker dump recipes. I like the simpleness and the robust flavors you get as a result…but I hate how everything sort of becomes…mush? There is no crunch, textures kind of run together. Being able […]

Four Ingredient Orange Ginger Glazed Chicken

Okay, grilling is easily one of my favorite things about summer. There is less mess, less heat trapped in my house, and best of all, if I’m lucky someone else will do the hard grilling work for me This one really takes the cake for being simple. Seriously – it takes less than 5 minutes […]

Off to a Fresh Start

  I’ve always loved spring cleaning because it means a fresh start. My favorite part is the satisfaction I get from giving my house a thorough clean — I love waking up on one of the first mornings after cleaning, taking a deep breath and finding myself in a more organized, healthy and beautiful space. […]

20 Cute ways to decorate with peeps!

I have to admit, I totally love Peeps! They’re so cute! I don’t mind eating one or two around Easter, but my real love isn’t the sugary sweet taste, it’s that adorable classic peep look. The moment I see the little bunnies and chicks in various colors in the store, I can’t help but be […]

Blood Orange Lemonade

I was a little shocked last week when I went into my local pharmacy and they had Easter candy and decorations out!! Seriously!?!? 2016 is moving entirely too fast! I cannot believe that tomorrow is going to be March 1st!! With Spring just around the corner I felt like it was time to start getting ready with […]

25 fun ways to decorate an Easter Egg

Am I the only person who really doesn’t have a “crafty” bone in my body? One quick glance at Pinterest and all my fears are confirmed. I look at my Facebook or Instagram feed and my palms get sweaty, I get that nervous pit in the bottom of my stomach, my head begins swim… Where […]

10 cool wine accessories all wine lovers need

Why is that that I am always missing out on these fun little “holidays”??? Maybe it is the fact that I consider myself a professional wine drinker and my memory gets a little fuzzy… Or more likely that someone just made it up last week, who knows! In any case, yesterday was national Drink Wine […]

Avocado Egg Bake

  It felt like most breaks ups do… it was hard at first, but with time you begin to forget. It gets easier to push out all those little things that you loved, the things that brought you back for more, the cravings for more… Several years ago Tavis and I broke up with cereal, and other […]

San Sebastian Farmers Market

This last year has been a crazy, busy year filled of traveling all over the place. I have felt displaced for months and was thrilled to finally get back here to the island to my “home” just after Christmas. Finally after a few weeks in my home, with my bed and my kitchen and my […]

Holiday Spice Sangria

Sangria… it one of those drinks that I can always find an excuse to make and it really goes great with food in just about any season. When we were in Washington DC last winter, the bartender at the hotel we were staying at had mixed up a batch of sangria and it was absolutely delicious. Aside from […]

Grandaddy’s Fudge

Grandaddy’s Fudge was one of those favorite childhood memories that always surfaces as the weather starts to turn cooler. Or, for the past few years, as I see on the news that the weather is turning colder in the rest of the country. 😉
I haven’t made fudge in a few years and that might be because Puerto Rico it never cools off and it just doesn’t feel right. But this Fall we are up in DC and it is a brisk 45 degrees out this morning, the perfect weather to inspire all the fall favorites to be pulled out of the recipe box!
This recipe is loosely based on the recipe that is found on the jar of Kraft Marshmallow cream, but in the late 80’s they change the recipe. Grandaddy’s was based on the original version then as Grandaddy’s do, he tweaked it. 😉

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