Day 1 on the road… Retake

I decided that since the first week of our trip was a lot of maintenance, packing and getting ready for the road, I am going to start our day count over. That way I can erase all the craziness of the first week and a half. So this post is about the day before we left and the new day 1.

The day before we hit the road, we got to spend some time enjoying the things we love about Siesta Key. We went for a run on the beach.

Road trip Day 1 Run on Siesta Key Beach

We had a fun dinner at Marina Jack’s with Tavis’s dad, Aiden allowed us to linger and listen to the live music for a few minutes after our meal.

Road trip Day 1 Marina Jacks

We watched a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico from the widows walk on the roof.

test 006

We pushed off from Tavis’s folks house the next morning about 10am. We had a few last minute items to take care of so we got out a little later than planned.

Road Trip Day 1 the rig

Here is a picture of our camper map when we started off this trip. We are looking forward to adding a few more states!

Road Trip Day 1 Camper map

We made it up in to Georgia and the heat was still pretty oppressive.

Road Trip Day 1 temp

We stopped at a Rest stop on I-75 and went back into the camper for dinner, I made tacos. In hindsight (and for the trip back south) I will pre cook things like taco meat and have them ready to heat up. The last few days were pretty busy so i didn’t get the chance to do any pre cooking.

Road Trip Day 1 tacos at rest stop

After we finished dinner we jumped back on the road to get a few more miles north. This day we planned in advance to make it a long driving day to get out of Florida and through most of Georgia. We normally don’t like to drive more than 6 hours in a day but we made an exception for this one day.

We stayed the night at a Flying J truck stop. I know what you are thinking… a truck stop?!?! It is really not what you think, we travel with generators and full tanks of water…when you are in the camper, you can’t tell the difference between a nice campground and a parking lot… and the parking lot is free :)  We like the Flying J’s because they usually have a few spots up at the front of the store that are reserved for RVs which is really nice. If you are trying to get a spot in the back with the trucks, you usually need to stop by 8pm or the spots tend to be full.

Road Trip Day 1 Flying J

So that was day 1. Sorry for the picture overload, be warned that it will continue throughout the trip 😉



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