The mommy diet


The mommy diet

Today, I have been a victim of the mommy diet….

Don’t be fooled by the name, even though I have been deprived, by no means have I lost a pound or a single inch.

The day starts off with good intentions; I sit down with a cup of deliciously rich, strong, black coffee and my “light and fit” greek yogurt (doesn’t the name just make you feel skinnier?!?! damn those marketing geniuses…) As I savor that second bite, knowing that this is all I am going to eat for a few hours, I feel a tug on my yoga pants. Then comes the familiar “meep-me” as my 17 month old son signs and “says” more-please indicating that we will now be sharing my yogurt.

I alternate, bite for him and (BIG) bite for me, but as I get to the last bite again, “meep-me” so I grab another yogurt out of the fridge and we share a second container. Before he takes 2 bites he gets bored and moves on to his toys. I end up eating the entire second container as well…

So is my life these days… and the reason that my yoga pants are getting tighter.




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