Weekend in Ponce, Isla Caja de Muertos

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So the last few weeks were a little rough, there has been a lot on our plate and we have some big/life changing decisions to make in the imminent future. The stress was building, the walls were closing in and we needed space. So what do we do? We drove an hour and a half Southeast and got a small hotel room… Just kidding we did sneak away for a long weekend at a hotel but we took the boat with us and explored some of the most beautiful waters that I have ever been on!

PonceCoverFinalWe had a bunch of Hilton Honors points saved up so we were able to get a room with a great view.



First thing on day 2 was to launch the boat and head out to an island that Tavis had heard about, Isla Caja de Muerto or Coffin Island. It was pretty close and we were there in about 30 minutes even though we had a stiff headwind and a messy chop.

We found a nice little spot on the leeward side of the island with a great view of the lighthouse. If we go back, I would bring some hiking shoes and the backpack carrier for Aiden. The entire Island is a nature preserve and there are hiking trails all over the island and leading up to the lighthouse.

PonceLighthouseWe played in the sand and waves.

PonceAidenWaterWe played in the water (and drank some beer).

PonceAshAidenWaterWe played in the water some more.

PonceCoverAiden pooped in his swim trunks so those had to come off…

PonceAidenButtAnd then we slept…

PonceAidenAsleepIt was a much needed weekend away from the normal rat race.



  1. mybigfathappylife says:

    Beautiful! The water is so clear and such a pretty blue. This sounds like the perfect weekend trip! Thank you for visiting me at My Big Fat Happy Life

  2. Love the pictures! Found you on Natasha in Oz, and I’m so glad I stopped by! I blog about our travels, and hope you will stop by for a peek!

  3. Gorgeous~where exactly were you?

    • Ashley says:

      Jenna, We live in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, it is on the northwest corner of the island. Isla Caja de Muertos is located just off of Ponce, PR which is on the south central part of the island. So the blue waters that you are seeing are the Caribbean Sea.

  4. Sandra says:

    I was actually raised in Aguadilla. Now my husband and I live in New Port Richey,FL. He retired from the US Coast Guard.

    • Ashley says:

      Sandra, We are hoping to move back to FL soon, jealous!! All of our family lives there and that is where we are from. My husband was active duty with the Coast Guard for 9 years and he is now in the reserves. It is beautiful here and we have had a lot of fun exploring the island by land and with our boat but we can’t wait to get home to our family :)

      • Sandra says:

        I totally understand. Things have changed there a lot too. My mom and one of my sisters moved to FL to get out of there. I miss all the beautiful beaches, festivals and good food!. Hope you get back to FL soon!

  5. The water looks so gorgeous!! The baby looks like he had a blast!! :)

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