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Why is that that I am always missing out on these fun little “holidays”??? Maybe it is the fact that I consider myself a professional wine drinker and my memory gets a little fuzzy… Or more likely that someone just made it up last week, who knows!

In any case, yesterday was national Drink Wine Day and today is the Friday Afternoon Happy hour here at Leaving The Rut, so let’s just call it planning on my part and move on to the fun stuff, wine!! 😉

If you also consider yourself a professional wine drinker, then you are always on the prowl for some of the most amazing and coolest or just unique, wine accessories out there on the market. Whether it’s to add a little bit of charm to wine glass, finding a fun wine glass, or to add a little humor to your life, then you will definitely some (if not all) of the these wine accessories! Life is all about enjoying your favorite bottle of wine with friends, family and a little pizzaz.

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Wine Bottle Flask

wine bottle flask

If you plan on doing some hiking, fishing, camping, sporting even, or go someplace where it’s just not feasible to bring something made out of glass, then you need these flexible wine bottle flasks! Each flask holds a full bottle of wine, and will put your mind at ease of that dreaded fear that a wine bottle is going to accidentally crack or break.

knitted wine glass scarves

Knitted Wine Glass Scarves

Yes my friends, even the neck of your wine glasses gets a little chilly every now and then. Why not give them a small sense of fashion? These knitted wine glass scarfs will completely fill you with glee, and make your friends smile. These scarves come in 6 different colors, and will be sure to bring out your inner hipster. So, why not buy a matching scarf for yourself and friends?

wine bottle caps

Wine Bottle Caps

Plan on hosting on a wine party, or did you open one too many bottles of wine for yourself because you want to taste them all? Well, these knee slapping wine bottle caps are just what you need in your life. SIP HAPPENS every time you take the cap off and fill that wine glass of yours.

kitty cat wine glass markers

Kitty Cat Wine Glass Markers

Admit it, we both know that one friend or family member who is obsessed with cats. Not that we’re calling them a crazy cat lady or man, but if the whiskers fit…then you need to get them these kitty cat wine glass markers. And yes, it’s okay if they’re for yourself and kitty hoard. (Cat not included in image). If you are more of a dog person, here are some similar ones for you. 😉

drinking buddies

Drinking Buddies

Admit it. Sometimes we hate drinking alone, and want someone there to drink a delicious glass of wine with us. However, we don’t really want to share a bottle of wine because it’s just too delicious to want to freely give another human a glass to consume. Enter drinking buddies to help with your dilemma! They just hangout with you, and never want a sip of your wine…ever. Those are my kind of buddies.

wine opener and chiller

Wine Opener and Chiller

Do you find yourself fumbling with your manual wine opener, and then cut your finger on the foil? Does your bottle of wine need to be just a little bit more chilled? Then you’re going to love this Electric Wine Opener and Chiller! The opener pops open that bottle of wine in mere seconds, and that Wine Bottle Chiller is just amazing – especially on those hot days where you might have left that bottle of wine in the car to find to your dismay that it got really warm.

If love red wines, then you already know that some red wines need time to “breathe”. Allowing the wine to breathe brings on more true characteristics of the wine. However, we all don’t want to wait 20 to 30 minutes to breathe. This is why I love this wine aerator and sediment filter. This pourer actually adds oxygen to the wine, and speeds up the breathing process while pouring into your glass. This is definitely my new best friend.

wine decanter

Horn Shaped Wine Decanter

If you’re all about wine decanting and presentation, then you will totally need this fabulous horn shaped wine decanter. Not only is super cool with it’s unique shape, but it’s super fun to pour from. Everyone that sees this WILL want it. It’s in my virtual shopping cart right now!

 Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 7.51.58 PM (1)

Silicone Wine Glasses

Light weight, packable, portable. Because, lets face it, sometimes you need something unbreakable to drink from! These awesome wine “glasses” hold 12 ounces each, and are easy to clean and care for. You can even freeze them for chilled drinks!! Oh, and they come with a foldable wine bag.

wine stakes

Wine Stakes

Did you ever go on a picnic or to a party where a table or sturdy surface wasn’t available for you to use? You find yourself trying to balance your food and your wine glass with your elbows and knees. You no longer have to worry about that with this wine stakes set! One stake holds your bottle of wine, while the other two stakes hold your wine glasses. This is pure ingenuity at its best!

air cork wine preserver

Air Cork Wine Preserver

If you watch Shark Tank, then you will immediately recognize this simple and amazing air cork wine preserver! This wine preserver is actually a balloon type mechanism. The pump it up with air via the grape handle, and it pushes out all of the excess air from the bottle. This device ACTUALLY keeps your wine tasting better for a longer amount of time. You can now open one bottle of wine to get a couple of glasses out of it, and seal it with your mind at ease to enjoy at a later time.

Go get to shopping for your favorite wine accessory!

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