Parguera Day Trip

Parguera boat and girl

One of my favorite things about living down here in Puerto Rico is the Caribbean Sea… There are few places on Earth that I think are as beautiful. That says a lot considering that I grew up in South Florida with the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys as my playground.

Pargurea Collage 1

We are on the southwest side of Puerto Rico in Parguera. The water surrounding the mangroves is unlike what I am used to seeing in South Florida. In Florida, the mangroves are predominately in estuaries and backwater areas where the water is a little more murky, but here in Parguera, the Caribbean Sea washes around the islands that speckle the southwest side of PR and keep the water warm and crystal clear.

Parguera Ash and Aiden in mangroves

We walked through the mangrove tunnels, pulling Aiden along with us.

Parguera Tav and Aiden in mangroves

Tavis and I put masks on and took turns snorkeling through the mangrove trails. I wish we had an underwater camera with us to capture all the reef fish that live in the maze of roots.

Parguera Mangrove tunnel tav and aiden small

We spent a wile sipping on some cool drinks and wandering through the little islands of mangroves.

Parguera Tav grilling

When we got tire of that we grilled up some burgers and dogs. (I wish we had been as prepared as the folks in the background of the above picture. They brought plastic moulded patio tables and chairs and their umbrellas. We took note for next time.)

Parguera Aiden on the back of the parker

On this trip (January 2014) Aiden had just started walking so is was fun to watch him try to figure out why the ground was moving.

Parguera Aiden sea legs

Aiden has the best seat in the house… when he was tired of crawling and attempting to walk, we pulled out the swing.

Parguera Aiden in swing on parker

I will leave you with this last picture, one of my favorites.

Parguera from mangroves looking at the reef line







  1. Richard says:

    Catching up on your posts… The waters around where you live look beautiful. One of our favorite trips when we had our sailboat was the Bahamas and we used the grill for the majority of our meals. I kept it when we sold the boat and still have it. Nothing better than the clear waters, deserted islands and grilling. During the summer the water would be like glass and we’d put on the autopilot, sit on the bow and have a spectacular view of all that was going on below. Your post brought back great memories. Hope you’re enjoying the stateside trip! Thanks


  1. […] This week has been an extra busy one for me. My husband Tavis, was transitioning (over the weekend) from night shift to day shift at work, so our days were a little out of whack. Needless to say, I did not get a food post up this week… my only new post was of our weekend trip a little while back to one of our favorite boating spots here in Puerto Rico called Parguera. The water was crystal clear and it was a great place to float in the boat and grill out, check it out here! […]

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