The Beach Trip That Almost Didn’t Happen

So I have been crazy busy lately… maybe not as busy as I feel but overwhelmed to say the least. Our friends, Shane and Jen invited us to join them down on the beach for a bonfire/grill out and I immediately agreed because we were wanting to get to the beach this weekend but hadn’t actually follow through and made plans.

But then, laundry happened.

and dishes

and vacuuming the shredded cheese out of the carpet under the table




needless to say I texted Jen back about an hour before we were supposed to meet them and told them we were not going to make it but we would see them later in the evening. We had a pizza and poker night planned later that night at our house and I had things to get done.

I got the laundry folded.

and the dishes done

and I even vacuumed the cheese out of the carpet.

Tavis was going to take Aiden for a walk while I got a shower and they headed out the door as I finished cleaning out the sink. They were not out the door for 2 minutes when they popped back inside and Tavis blurts out “screw it, lets just go to the beach, we still have time.”

I was 2 minutes from a hot shower and silence… 2 MINUTES!!!

But then I saw a little boy walk back inside and say “car ride mommy, swim in the beach” and I melted.

We threw our beach chairs into the jeep and a small cooler of beer and we were off.

As much as I was annoyed on the trip down the cliff I was thrilled to be out of the house and headed out to enjoy the wonderful things about living in the caribbean. The beautiful ocean and beach.

I was able to leave behind the chores, the “to do” lists and the expectations… it was perfect.

It was exactly what I needed. We had a great few hours playing in the tide pools and enjoying the sunset and bonfire.

There was plenty of time for relaxing and beer sipping.

Tide pools beach night 4

Aiden got to hunt for treasures to give to Auntie Jen and mommy.

Tide pools beach night 2

Aiden had lots of time to talk Uncle Shane into letting him throw things into the fire… are boys pre-wired to be pyrotechnics?!?!

Tide pool beach night 1

and then we found other things to occupy our time like jumping off the jeep to Daddy…

Tide Pools beach night 3

tippin’ it back and drinking too much chocolate milk…

tide pools beach night 13

And sitting still long enough to soak in the sunset and fire.

tide pools beach night 11

Tonight was a win.

Tide pools beach night 9

When we got home we gave Aiden a quick bath, Tavis got a shower as I put Aiden to bed and then I finally got the shower I had been waiting for.

Our friends showed up, the pizza arrived and we had a great time learning how to play poker. Even though the kitchen sink never got cleaned out and the counters were still cluttered.

I had a great time… AND I got to go to the beach :)

Lesson learned.



  1. That’s awesome. We are beginning a year of travel in an RV and I am trying to learn to step away from the to do and get out and explore. It does not come naturally but as you pointed out — what a pay off.
    Beautiful pics, BTW.

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