2015: Our Best Year Yet!

With out going overboard on New Year resolutions I have a few things that I am committing myself to this year. It has been a crazy adventure since we got to Puerto Rico in 2012 and I have been giving myself a lot of “room” or leeway to not do things to my normal standards. For the last half of 2012, there were a lot of things happening and they all contributed to our lives being a little crazy:
Tavis changed jobs and it required 6 months of us living on the road and moving states every few months.
During that job training I was pregnant with our son, Aiden. He was born the last month of Tavis’s training and we moved states to the next training location when he was 3 days old.

It is NOT the 4th of July, It Is Independence Day!!

  Independence Day, the day that our founders declared our independence from a tyrannical government and set in motion events that lead to founding of our nation. It is important to remember theses things and not just call it “the 4th of July”. Let’s not allow ourselves to become complacent and in the process loose the […]

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