It is NOT the 4th of July, It Is Independence Day!!


Independence Day FlagIndependence Day, the day that our founders declared our independence from a tyrannical government and set in motion events that lead to founding of our nation.

It is important to remember theses things and not just call it “the 4th of July”. Let’s not allow ourselves to become complacent and in the process loose the meaning behind the day.

I still believe that we are the most amazing nation on this Earth. It might not be popular to say that anymore… but I have never been one to change my opinion or keep silent when I believe something with all my heart. Our greatness is evidenced by people’s continued migration from all parts of the earth to come here, sometimes costing them their lives. These risks are worth it to them for the possibility of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this great nation, The United States of America.

Thank you to my husband and to all those who have served and continue to serve our nation in our military, without your continued vigilance, we would not be what and who we are today!!

Happy Independence Day!!!



  1. Very true! Love this post.

  2. Betty Beach says:

    Thanks for the reminder to everyone! Happy Indepence Day to you as well!!

  3. Very good point. I guess I got lost along the way myself.

    Happy Independence Day!!

    • Ashley says:

      Happy Independence Day to you too Bobbi!!
      For the past few years I have made a point to say that to people and I usually get a double take, then after a second you see the recognition on their face. :)

  4. Great post and excellent reminder! Happy Independence Day!

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