Airstream Road Trip!!

Airstream Road Trip

So in about a week Tavis, Aiden and I are flying back state side (we live in Puerto Rico currently) and we are going to be hitting the road in our Airstream travel trailer!! I am really excited because this will be our first big trip in a long time and our first “real” long haul road trip with Aiden. We will be on the road for a total of 6 weeks, but it will be broken up into lots of locations and visiting lots of Family. When Aiden was with us in the camper previously we were “full timers” (see this post) so it is not quite the same as driving to new locations every day or two.

Our tentative schedule will be:

  • Week 1 – In Florida while Tavis spends a week drilling with the military. Tavis left Active duty about 3 years ago but he is still a reservist. He is able to plan his drills around when we are back in Florida.
  • Week 2 – Driving up to Pennsylvania via the Blue Ridge Parkway!! I am really excited about this part since it has been years since I have been on that route and we are going to stop at several locations along the way to camp. Our plan is to get all the way to North Georgia in the first day (about 12 hour drive) then slow down and drive 5-6 hours per day and stop early so we can enjoy the area. We are planning on stopping at the Biltmore estate and are currently planning a few more stops for that leg of the trip, any suggestions?
  • Week 3 and part of 4 – Will be spent at Tavis’s Family’s cottage in the mountains of Pennsylvania. We will park the airstream nearby and stay at the cottage. Tavis grew up spending each summer up there with his family so we are excited to continue the tradition even if it is only for a week this year.
  • Week 4, second half – driving down to North Carolina and heading out to the outer banks. The outer banks is one of the “bucket list” places that we have wanted to take the airstream, and Kitty Hawk is a pilgrimage for my “professional pilot husband,” so we are excited to be able to check that off the list this year.
  • Week 5 – Spending time with my family in a beach house that they rented in North Carolina. My sister and her family who live in DC rented a big house and invited us to join them. Can’t believe that the timing worked out that we will be state side!
  • Week 6 – Driving back to Florida, spending a few days at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and cleaning the airstream up for storage before we travel back to Puerto Rico. Ft. Wilderness is still my all time favorite place to go with the airstream even. Sometimes we go into the parks, sometimes we don’t but we still love it there.

It is going to be a busy trip but I think that we have worked in enough time so we can drive short days and have enough spare time to deal with “issues” (like the blown tire on the airstream last time we had her out…). Aside from the first day on our way to North Georgia, our driving days shouldn’t be longer than 6 hours a day.

Do you have any favorite spots along the way? Great spots to grab lunch in the Carolinas, or maybe your favorite overlook or camping spot along the blue ridge parkway? Let me know because I am building our itinerary this week and I would love the suggestions!!

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  1. How fun! I’ve never been on a long road trip, but it’s definitely something I want to do. Have a great vacay and thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  2. Ed Brownfield says:

    We just picked up a new Airstream last week. I would love to have a website like yours so that friends could follow us and so that we could look at if for the memories. How did you create your website? Someone told me about a program called Word Press is that what you are using? I would love to be able to post pictures and commentary like you are doing!

    • Ashley says:

      Ed, I am using for my website (not there is a difference) it has taken me about 6 months to get this site how I like it and even then I am constantly tweeing it. We are one the road driving through NC right now but when we get to our next stop I will post some resources for you to look through. That is what I used to get my blog up and going. :)

  3. Ed Brownfield says:

    In the mountains of western PA we stopped to see Falling Water a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright it was interesting. We also visited the site where the plane went down on 9/11 the museum is probably compete now when we were there two years ago it was under construction. We’re glad to have spent time at both of these two places!

  4. Ashley says:

    Ed, we will put those spots on our agenda for our next trip through PA. We are already in the lowlands of NC.


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