The Small Guys on Campus (end of day 3)

After a long day on the road there is nothing better than a pot roast that has been cooking all day in the camper while we were sight seeing.

BRP Pot Roast Crock pot

For Tavis and I it was nice to relax over dinner and not be sitting in a restaurant.

BRP Pot Roast dinner Collage

For Aiden, there is nothing better than a post-dinner-wrestling-session with Daddy after being stuck in a car seat all day.

BRP Pot Roast wrestling Collage

Can I tell you how nice it is to sleep in “your own” bed while on the road?!?! Nothing beats the price at this joint either, even if we were the small guys on campus.  :)

BRP Pot Roast the little guy



  1. It is not at all relaxing to sit in a restaurant with a small child in the evening! More relaxing to cook. (Well, alright, in our family anyway.)

    Love the pic of you guys between all those big trucks. :)

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