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Easy Cheesy Chicken and Salsa Dinner

A friend of mine, Angela, passed this recipe on to me a few months back and I have fallen in love with how easy it is to make and how delicious the leftovers heat up! The first time that I made it I was a little skeptical so I only made it in a small baking […]

My Quirky Historic Home

I have always wanted to live in an old, historic house. One that we could fix up and restore, maybe a little farm house like the folks on Little House Living restored. I never dreamed that my little piece of history that I would  live in would be a World War II bomb shelter (literally) on […]

Easy Re-Baked Potatoes, Great for the Freezer

One of my very favorite side dishes since I was little has been re-baked potatoes. Not the ones that you get in the freezer section at the grocery store or even the ones from a good steakhouse, but the ones that I used to help my mom and sisters make when we were growing up. For some reason […]

His first home was an Airstream

I never imagined it this way. I never sat there dreaming about having a baby of my own one day and bringing him home to an Airstream. I usually pictured a meticulously decorated nursery that I had fussed over for the past 9 months until it was perfect. His name was on the wall in […]

Easy Marinades for steak, kabobs and other grilled beef

We love to travel, and with that travel we get to eat… a lot… I’m not sure about you, but some of my strongest memories are  associated with smells or tastes. I will smell plumeria lotion and be taken back to a trip I took to Peru, when I was in high school, and I […]